Profile pictureHi my name is David O’ Rourke and I live in Carraickmacross County Monaghan. I used to in the past work in construction but with the downturn in the economy resulted in me becoming unemployed. Although this was unfortunate I took this as an opportunity to reinvent myself. I became unemployed because I had limited skills and a basic education. So over the last few years I have taken on the philosophy of continuous improvement.

I am currently a mature student in Dublin Business School. The picture below help illustrate this IMAG0198 (Copy)
more.I have since 2010 embarked on a journey to reeducate myself and try and improve my circumstances. I am near the completion of this journey and now I have to plan my next journey which is to achieve a worklifebalance.

I have been embarking on a journey to see if its possible to achieve a positive work life balance. My passions and goals that I want to achieve by the end of this process are as follows. A Job that I can do from home and provide a good future for my family.

I have choose this picture as it depicts my situation lately. I have an 8 Month boy and I have often done work while looking after him like in this picture. I may post a picture of the both of us some time in the future. What I really want is to be able to spend quality time with. workfromhomeAlso make enough money to pay the bills provide a secure future for my son. I have pictures below of where I am now and where Id like to be in a year. I feel that in order to achieve anything in this world one needs to establish goals. These give us direction vision and something to look forward to.